If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll already know that through our informative posts, we like to offer snippets of industry-specific advice to our followers and clients alike. This week, we’re focussing on dispute resolution. It can be a sensitive topic for some, who adopt a passive or evasive approach when it comes to issues which can inevitably arise when providing someone with a place to live. However when issues do arise, it’s important that they are dealt with in the correct manner – as if they are treated aggressively, (or not tended to at all), they can become even bigger problems further down the line which can prove to be incredibly costly and stressful for the landlord.


A lettings agent can help you with tenancy issues and arguments

The first port of call for many savvy landlords when a tenancy issue is on the horizon is their lettings agent. Whilst these can be matters of a legal nature, on occasion they are not backed up by the law, or will be costly to pursue through the courts. Mediation is always better than a full-blown disagreement dragged through the courts, and although they rarely advertise this service, lettings agents are a dab hand at mediating in difficult circumstances between tenant and landlord. This is because they have a deep understanding from both perspectives and can act as an experienced yet impartial body throughout the dispute, actively working to find neutral ground to minimise the risk of lost revenue and costly legal action.


Which types of issues can be solved through careful negotiation, and how can a lettings agent help?

Often, landlords come up against complaints from tenants which they feel are trivial or unfounded – and this is where problems arise, as tenants don’t feel they are being taken seriously. The first step is to look at the situation from the other side’s perspective – as emotion and financial requirement can often muddy the waters. This is something lettings agents specialise in – as they will try and find a happy medium ground between the two parties, which usually involves some sensitive talking through on both sides and an eventual compromise from both sides. Having a go-between minimises the chance that things will be said and done in the heat of the moment which could inadvertently make things worse, and increases the chance of swift resolution which is satisfactory for both tenant and landlord. This is perfect for minor disputes and disagreements, which can be left by landlords who simply don’t take them seriously, only to find they lose revenue or are even taken to court further down the line because they didn’t take the necessary action early on.


When is legal action necessary?

On some occasions, legal action is unfortunately unavoidable. In these circumstances, we will always advise you to speak to an experienced solicitor immediately who can assist further. In particular the courts should be involved if you are owed a large sum of money which has accumulated over a period of several months, if there has been any violence, theft or extensive criminal damage, or if there have been any specific threats made. If you are unsure what may constitute a call to your solicitor, this is something your lettings agent can give you further information on.


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