When it comes to doing business, no matter who you are dealing with or what you want them to do for you, there are expectations involved. There are certain businesses where these expectations need to be crystal clear – and property companies and their clients are certainly subject to this need for clarity. The lettings industry is unregulated, and whilst this actually aids landlords in many ways as it allows agencies to be incredibly flexible, it can unfortunately allow less scrupulous individuals to set up in business and can lead to landlords not receiving the money they are owed, losing tenants and much worse.

Luckily, if you know what to expect and the sort of things which should occur when dealing with a lettings agent, you’re much more likely to choose a reputable firm who can assist you competently with your property portfolio. Despite the variation amongst companies in the industry, there are a few key things you should come to expect when dealing with a letting agent.

Dedication and commitment

Being a lettings agent isn’t as simple as some may have you believe. It requires an enormous amount of effort, good organisation and plenty of industry knowledge – coupled with the humility and professionalism needed to deal with landlords and tenants alike. Your lettings agent should be clued-up and enthusiastic, ready to take on your property in whatever capacity you wish. Without dedication and commitment, it’s unlikely they’ll find a tenant for your property and if it’s currently occupied, a lackadaisical approach may see good tenants leave.

A proven track record

For the reasons above, asking for testimonials is really important. If you’re asking your agent to keep your property occupied or fill an empty property quickly, then it’s a good idea to check their credentials. If they have little or no evidence that they have not only sourced tenants for landlords, but have kept them in the properties for a good amount of time and found new tenants when the old occupants move on, then that should set alarm bells ringing.

Round the clock assistance and advice

A ’24 hour’ service might not be available on the particular package you have selected with your agent – but it’s always a good sign if this sort of thing is offered as it is the mark of a quality agent who cares about their landlords. Most reputable agents are available by telephone or email out of hours, and if not, they often have members of staff who can take a message or deal with your query for you.

Efficient, reliable service

You employ a letting agent for a reason – to take responsibility from you as a landlord and work through an expert to ensure the best possible outcome for you financially-speaking. Therefore if things don’t appear to be done properly – even little elements like emails and documents which aren’t quite right – then that may be a sign that their dealings with you and your tenants may not be quite up to scratch.

Friendly, professional, familiar faces

Having a good working relationship with your lettings agent is key. You don’t want to find your calls constantly ignored, or to be passed from pillar to post with varying levels of customer service and professionalism each time you ring up. It’s important that you are assigned a select number of people (or one person) to deal with your business and that when they are not available, you have other means by which to contact them and can leave a message with friendly, reliable staff who you can trust.


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