Landlords with property portfolios spanning the whole of the North West (or nationwide) often end up dealing with several letting agents – one or more for every town or city. This might make sense at first – but in actual fact it is probably wasting you valuable time and money as a business and as an individual – especially if your property portfolio isn’t the only business interest you are responsible for. Having streams of revenue coming from multiple companies, wasting crucial time looking up the corresponding agent and their contact details each time a tenant has an urgent issue, sifting through piles of emails and invoices each week. Sound familiar?

What’s more, you may not be getting the best out of your letting agents collectively for this reason – and because you’re employing them all individually, it’s unlikely to be good value for money either. Wouldn’t it be easier to consolidate your business transactions and property management by choosing one professional, reliable letting agent who can take care of all your properties for you with minimum hassle and zero confusion?

Simplify and streamline your services

Sometimes, dealing with multiple agents can actually cause you issues as a landlord. Dealing with lots of agents is confusing, so you use a lot of time and energy managing the day-to-day with each of them – a process you’re needlessly multiplying, costing you valuable resources. This is especially difficult when issues arise – whatever they may be. Opting for one letting agent instead means you can be sure every single one of your tenants is receiving a good service, you can rely on them to effectively manage every aspect of your portfolio, and you only have to deal with one company.

Free up your time to take care of other business

As a landlord, it’s likely you’re dividing your time between lots of different responsibilities. Lots of landlords we deal with run their property business in conjunction with several other businesses, each demanding large chunks of their time. Imagine having your portfolio completely managed on your behalf by just one company, freeing you up to invest your time in current or new ventures safe in the knowledge that your property is making you money and your tenants are taken care of? If you ever need updates, you deal with one agent – your money comes from one agent, you pay one agent. It’s simple.

Rest safe in the knowledge that everything is well looked after

When you use lots of different letting agents, it’s difficult to ‘keep tabs’ on them all. What are they doing? When are they doing it? You might also have chosen an agent purely because you felt you needed one in the immediate vicinity of a certain property, instead of basing your decision on their credentials or experience. If something needs chasing, you’re doing so multiple times instead of just once. This isn’t economic financially or time-wise – as you’re spending half an hour making phone calls and sending emails when you could spend as little as 3 minutes contacting one.

Using just one experienced agent with a great knowledge of the area as a whole (as well as the smaller towns within it) along with the professional expertise to keep your properties occupied by happy tenants gives you complete peace of mind.

Eliminate the need for numerous contacts in various locations (and the lengthy journeys to each one)

This one speaks for itself – the cost of phone calls, emails, letters and petrol used making your way to meetings with each of your agents can mount up considerably. By using one agent you develop a good relationship with one or several key people – all situated in one location. You know them by name, and they know you; crucially they understand your needs and requirements.

Get a better deal and save money

At The Property Man, we help landlords all over the North West manage their properties efficiently and economically. If you’re confused and frustrated using lots of different agents in different areas, then give us a call to find out how our experience can help you to achieve peace of mind knowing just one reliable, reputable agent is managing all your assets.